Educredit Philippines Private Limited, UEN 201829304D, is a holding company registered in the Republic of Singapore. 


Our financial authorisation is currently being processed. Consequently, information contained in this section is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent an investment opportunity.


productive credit

We earn financial returns for our investors with productive credit, which creates real economic value for our customers. Students earn a higher income after graduating as compared to working in low-skilled jobs after dropping out. 


To avoid the infinite debt loop, we help our customers acquire the knowledge needed to accumulate savings, thereby ensuring their financial well-being in the long term.


We are not a P2P lending platform. We currently deploy funds from our own balance sheet to finance our loan book. By investing in us, you have an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of individuals,


Our customers are geographically distributed, have varying backgrounds and span across multiple areas of studies. In case a student or guardian is unable repay their loan, we create provisions for any losses incurred, which are covered by the interest earned from our portfolio's performance.


We aim to create positive impact by financing students who otherwise would not able to graduate because of lack of finance. To prevent our customers to end up with unsustainable debt, besides competitive rates, we offer coaching in financial literacy and actively help them to find professional opportunities within and beyond our network of partner employers. 

Our impact goes beyond as the economic uplift our students get contributes towards the income of the whole family unit, influencing the well being of direct family members, as well as next generations.

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While our financial authorisation is being processed, we are glad to get into touch with investors who believe in our business model. Please, reach out to for further information.