Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • Who is

    Educredit Finance Corporation (referred as "") is a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines in accordance with the Provisions of Republic Act No. 8556 (The Financing Company Act of 1998), as amended. is a licensed financing institution regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Is an NGO? is not an NGO. We are a purpose-driven for-profit private company whose aim is to remove financing as a barrier to access to quality education.

  • How does make a profit?

    Our primary source of income are the service fee and interest on our loans and leasing products.

  • What is the difference between a loan and a lease-to-own program?

    The key difference is that a loan is a borrowing of funds; while a lease is the payment of a recurring fee for renting an asset.

    During the period of lease, the asset belongs to Once all due payments have been settled, the device will undergo transfer of ownership, becoming the customer's possession.

    In case the lessee is unable to fulfill the repayments, differently from traditional loan products, the lessee can return the item to without being held liable for the payment of the remaining terms and without being reported to credit bureaus or other government agencies.

  • How much are your interest rates?

    Our interest rates start at 0.83% per month and change by applicant profile, product, as well as partner educational provider. See "Lease-to-own program details" for interest rates and service fees for our Lease-to-own program and for interest rates and services charged for our Tuition Fee Loan program.

  • What is service fee and how much is it?

    Our service fee is usually 2.99% per approved loan. Processing every application requires use of technology and manpower to verify documents, store data, and issue corresponding documentation (contracts, etc.) The purpose of the service fee is to cover this cost, without needing to increase the interest rate charged to the customer.

  • Product Warranty and Usage

  • Are there any restrictions on the usage of the laptop?

    The user is allowed to use the laptop for any legitimate purpose, including studies, part-time work, etc. However, the user is not allowed to delete the operating system or any other pre-installed softwares therein.

  • Are the products covered under warranty?

    Yes, we source our products only from certified distributors and all of them are covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. In case of any issues, you can bring your device to the corresponding service center to exercise your warranty rights.

  • What if my leased laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged?

    You are fully responsible for taking good care of the laptop. Under all circumstances, all repayments are still in effect and must still be paid. In case of theft or loss, we encourage users to activate ""Find my Mac"" feature, while also contacting the appropriate authorities. If the item is damaged, the user will be liable for any repair costs not covered by the warranty.


Further Questions

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